Terms of Use of Additional Services for White Hill Hotel

Reservations and Availability:

For additional services such as restaurants, advance reservations may be required and availability may be limited.

It is up to the hotel to set the conditions for reservations and to change the available times depending on demand and capacity.

Fees and Payments:

Fees for additional services are clearly defined and may include taxes and other expenses.

Payments for additional services are made separately and can be made at the time of use or at the time of booking.

Cancellations and Cancellation Fees:

Conditions for cancellation of reservations for additional services are determined in advance.

Cancellation fees apply depending on when the cancellation is made and may be considered separate for additional services.

Quality and Special Offer:

White Hill Hotel is committed to providing additional services with high quality standards and reserves the right to change special offers and menus depending on the season and demand.

Liability for Damages and Losses:

The hotel is required to bear responsibility for the quality of food and service in the restaurant and for damages caused by hotel staff in additional services.

Private Services and Specific Events:

For additional services such as private events, conferences, and other specific events, special conditions will be defined in a separate agreement.

Dress and Behavior Policy:

For additional services, special rules for the dress and behavior of visitors may be determined depending on the nature of the service.

Use of Special Areas:

In the case of additional services, the use of certain areas of the hotel may be restricted and additional permission may be required for their use.